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We are for here for your IT needs of all kind

Websites, Productivity, Security and Networking


Building from scratch or maintain what you have


From what yiou want to unsdestanf to managed services


Office365, Azure, AWS, Windows, Linux and the list goes on

We develop custom solutions

Special and specific needs goes with professional treatment as well as budjet analysis. Small medium or large budjet

What I offer

Customer service and listen to your needs. Every solutions have a contender


Puppet, Ansible, Powershell dsc to anything integrating with git and other tools like CI


Developing in several language depends on your needs


Windows, Linux (redhat, ubuntu) Networking Aruba, Proxmox. Dont need to spend a lot to have a lot


Tailored to your need and with your budget


The Secret of Success

Keep trying, never give up. PRactice makes perfection and where there is a will there is a way

IP cameras

several deployments of ip cameras

Replace whole infrastructure

Aruba and dell infra replaced and segmentation of network and layers of security

Ansible automation

uodates servers and create servers in vmware, and other automations.

Get it done

We never back down!!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Michel nous a grandement aidé chez Logient en prenant toujours le soin de bien comprendre la réalité de Logient tout en nous conseillant sur les bonnes pratiques.

Francois Boyer


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Company name

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